About Village Candles


Village Candle Philosophy

"At Village Candle we are reminded daily, by our customers around the world, of their love for Village Candle products and the joy that they bring. We deeply respect the positive, emotional effect our fragrance has on our customers well being. Our commitment to our customers, and to quality home products that inspire them, is paramount to how we've continued to grow and evolve our company. By design, we have kept Village Candle a family owned business so that we can keep our customers' needs central to all that we do. It's what drives us to engineer the best candles and the finest fragrances in the world. It is also what keeps us so passionate about everything we do."


Village Candle Creation

"There is a lot that goes into creating a superior fragrance experience for your home. Our promise to you is that we will always use the finest quality ingredients available to craft our products.

  1. Our fragrances include pure essential oils and plant extracts from around the world to provide the finest quality fragrances.
  2. We use only food grade paraffin wax and wax blends.
  3. Our Dual Wick™ technology provides a slow even burn in the jar and enhanced fragrance release.

With over 100 combined years of candle and fragrance development, The innovation team at Village Candle® has the experience you can trust to provide the quality products you deserve."

Village Candle History

"Fragrances from Village Candle® are perfect for the home, because that’s where they were born.
As a young man, our founder remembers taking his mother’s leftover canning paraffin and pouring it into milk cartons to make candles. That experience made a strong impression on him that would factor into his life for decades to come. Fast forward to 1993. While researching career possibilities at his local library in Brunswick, Maine, Paul came across a candle making article that rekindled the dormant memories of candle making all those years ago in his mother’s kitchen. That fateful day at the library ended up being the beginning of something very special. Very quickly, a boyhood hobby bloomed into a passion, and that passion became a calling.
From a small two-burner stove top, those first candles made with care and Maine craftsmanship, were the sparks that fueled a global fragrance brand that is finding its way into millions of homes around the world."

"Village Candle® was born."

The Village Candle Vision

"When our customers are creating their home experience, they are conceiving more than just a place to live. They are composing a place that holds the people they love, the things that make them smile, the memories that make them strong. They are surrounding themselves with the personal elements that are most important to them. They are building a village. And your village is what you choose to make it."

"At Village Candle® we believe in the power that fragrance holds to inspire and build around us the village of our choosing. One that will renew, empower and fortify the space around us. It is our sincere hope that people, the world over, choose Village Candle® to be a part of defining their home and their village."